Cansurviving Autumn newsletter 2018

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Cansurviving Autumn newsletter 2018

Postby Rosa_M » Wed Sep 26, 2018 8:45 pm

Dear Cansurvivors, Families and Friends,

“Our own physical body possesses a wisdom which we who inhabit the body lack.”

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Henry Miller, American author. So true...
Ok lots to share – where shall we start?

This year has been super busy! The site founder has been approached by a number of prominent publications and here are a few of the published pieces that have resulted...some paid at a minimum fee, some published for free:

Cancer Healing and Containment - Journal of Cancer Science and Therapy ... 0NJCST.pdf
Cancer Healing: Holding the Space and Neurobiological Research - EC PSYCHOLOGY AND PSYCHIATRY
Cancer Healing, Groups and Gaslighting - Journal of Mental Health & Clinical Psychologyhttp://www.mentalhealthjourna ... hting.html
Cancer healing, losing and finding the plot - Open Access Text
Cancer: Survivorship and Sailing On - International Journal of Science and Research Methodology ... dwards.pdf
Cancer Healing and the importance of Narrative - Yes to Life

We’ve had a lot of new members, now over 700, (48 countries worldwide) and here are heartening messages from just two of them:
“Funny, but I feel Cansurviving found me in a way. I have been under surveillance with my oncologist for over four years now and he/they cannot seem to make sense of what is going on with me. Hence, my searching. So, in a way I feel it was meant for me. Thank you again for accepting me.”

“It has been a pleasure to discover Cansurviving and see something of the spirit engendered on the site.
I’ve been navigating these waters having had a first Cancer at age 12 then a second Cancer more recently, and have been moved to seek and be active in finding my own creative responses, also trying to draw on my psychoanalytic understanding and practice and my own creative meanderings post diagnosis that have helped me in my own ‘survivorship’. It helps to link with others who are sailing on.”


Life Shocks
For 20 years I've been telling people about LIFESHOCKS and how learning to process them has changed my life.

But there has been no legitimacy, no book, no informed reply to people who say "tell me more".

What is a voice?
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I was involved in this amazing collaboration between Rosetta Life & Garsington Opera, performed at the V&A, exploring the impact of illness and trauma, working with, and based on the individual stories from those who’d experienced Cancer or Stroke along with a community chorus. It was a wonderful and inspiring piece to be a part of.

Tell Your Friends - new vegan eatery in Fulham, London
The latest trendy vegan eatery just opened in Fulham - definitely worth checking out.

Modern medicine and health
A Guardian article discussing how most patients will derive no health improvement from medication. We should tackle the root causes of disease instead. Here at Cansurviving we couldn’t agree more!

RECIPE - Vegan Chickpea pizza/farinata
Three great recipes for making farinata, a chickpea dish that could be described as a kind of pizza (as it's round and comes from Tuscany) and is AMAZING. It can be used to add toppings, but it's wonderful as it is for a light meal.

Black Seed Oil - WONDERFUL for your immune system
Benefits include supporting liver health, combating type-2 diabetes, improving skin health, supporting eye health and supporting hair growth. The first line of defence against cancer is your own immune system, one simple solution to increase it is to take the blessed seed oil regularly.


We can all have days when things don’t feel so wonderful. Sometimes it is difficult to stay in the present. Especially when the present isn’t exactly your happy place.

So what do you do with those present moments that are not so pleasant? Breathe. Sounds too simple? Don’t give up before you’ve given it a try….

The simple act of taking a deep breath can change your state — emotionally and physiologically. It won’t change what is happening on the exterior, but it can change your perception of what is happening and your response to those events. Much more about coping with the Down Days on the Depression forum of the site…

Let us know how you get on!

From A Chinese Sage

If you are depressed, you are in the Past
If you are anxious, you are in the Future
If you are in the Now, you are at peace.

Tricky stuff and it’s hard to remain on top of this….and remain aware…

Remember you have the Cansurviving site!


You never know who you’ll link up with at the Farmers Market… on a cold February morning the site founder made contact with Hempen Organic (Hempen is a not for profitorganic hemp farming co-operative based in Oxfordshire), and they wrote back:
“Hi and thanks for getting in contact. Sounds brilliant what you're doing. However I'm afraid we're not legally allowed to reference our products in relation to any medical conditions and cancer in particular. Those like us who have done have got shut down very quickly for making medical claims. Ridiculous I know! Really we rely on amazing organisations like yours for sharing the self healing wisdom in relation to plants and other methods to connect to people on forums like yours to the healing potential of cannabis.

All power to your elbows and thanks again for kindly contacting us.”

We can but try!

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The following is a quote from Mike Brearley’s book On Form (The Times book of the year 2016), p4. He is also president of the Institute of Psychoanalysis:

‘Teams, like individuals, can be on or off form...When on form they are creative, efficient, coordinated...not dominated by selfish individualism, nor has individual flair been suppressed. Though the member s are not always in emotional harmony with each other, they share a common purpose and are able to set aside differences in the field of play. The team is bigger than the individuals: a new entity is created, the team itself, which can be on form when some of its components are not...a climbing team goes at the speed of its slowest member, helping him through’.

COMMUNITY exists to contain the ideas but alongside those of others… ideas which we must take care not to allow to OSSIFY-- ideas contained in the heart’s roar as opposed to the heart’s silence…we can all learn from the steep slope that’s been opened up for us after cancer diagnosis...


Our wonderful team keeps on keeping on: Rose the Communications Manager whose son Finn is now a walking boy saying a few words too, has started a blog on Instagram called MyVeganBabe sharing ideas about bringing up a vegan child. Check out the blog!

Lorraine our Publicity Manager who now lives in Manchester has just got a great new job working for the Caribbean and African Health Network which will be another way of spreading the word to those within those communities who need help after diagnosis...Lorraine will appear on TV in this role and will keep us posted.

The Ideas Man is coming up with new schemes and our Scotland Rep keeping the word going up there.

The site founder Judith has been writing a number of articles (see above) this year and will talk to a group at the Natural Death Salon in late October about Survivorship and Sailing on.

BIG NEWS - we are very lucky to have Tanya who has agreed to be our representative for the Ukraine and Russia (see her photo on the team post of CS).


High vis/Low vis jackets - we’d like to hope that our site is getting more High Vis from starting out quite small and LowVis but definitely alongside the efforts of others on this healing wave… homes, families, communities and disciplines can be containing OR constraining. Make sure you are Number One in your team! But co-creation with people who can help you is valuable...

Follow your own path, devise (and try to stick to) you own protocols, and do it in company with us on

With best wishes to you all,

The Cansurviving Team
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