Review and message to the YES TO LIFE team...

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Review and message to the YES TO LIFE team...

Postby Judith » Tue Nov 28, 2017 3:12 pm

Dear All,

I will post this review below on the site soon, flag it up on my Facebook page and ask my Communications manager to Tweet it---Hope you too can use it in some way and that it gives a bit of a flavour of what went on- well for the part when we were there......- and again so many thanks to you all...and Edana good to make contact with you in person for the first time...

Anything we on the cansurviving site can do to help you, do let us know. We are accessed in 48 countries which is humbling, but to have this UK charity right on our doorstep is a boon to us all...

Warmest wishes and love,



Yes to Life Conference Starting the Conversation Saturday November 25th- Review

Let's Talk.jpg
Let's Talk.jpg (7.54 KiB) Viewed 5484 times

It was a deservedly full to overflowing house for this conference, superbly organised and with the best (vegan, non-gluten) lunch I've ever tasted. My own energies meant I only stayed until 2.30, but there will be recordings of the whole event available for £20 on application to Yes to Life. Well worth the money.
After the Founder of Yes to Life's opening address, Sophie Sabbage (author of The Cancer Whisperer which we also flag up further down on this Forum ) gave an inspired and galvanising talk 'Caught in the Crossfire' : As we have said on the site for many years, 'YOUR way is the Way!'- there is no one way, no one truth- \people can walk with you but it is YOUR walk... -there was a reference to the anxiety-promoting series The Truth About Cancer....(and as the poet John Donne said in the 16th century 'Truth sits on a high crag'--and those who wish to find her 'About must and about must go'...JE).
I made a lot of notes and am not sure which person after that said what...we had Dr Rupy Aujla and his 'Doctor's Kitchen'--
Rupy's recipes.jpg
Rupy's recipes.jpg (13.96 KiB) Viewed 5484 times
he is encouraging GPs to be less 'closed-minded' and look at food as medicine- (that goes back to Hippocrates of course)..again the emphasis on 'the whole person'. Dr Malcolm Kendrick was splendidly rebarbative and talked of 'taking on The Beast' in his talk about 'the patient battle'...well while on we ask people not to fight, and are not fans of battle language, there are some things worth fighting for...not disturbing 'the status quo' may have very difficult consequences for many people.--I think it was he who mentioned Schopenhauer whose words I have above my desk: 'All Truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, Third it is accepted as being self-evident'...) He showed some really good images including one of Yoda from Star Wars talking about FEAR..
Yoda says.....jpg
Yoda says.....jpg (8.58 KiB) Viewed 5484 times
.which as Dr K pointed out 'may be disguised as caution'.

Professor Robert Thomas is an oncologist (an oncologist, yes!) discussing lifestyle after cancer: he was going off in the afternoon to discuss this topic at the Marsden among other places- what good news is that. He had lots of research links which will be available on the recording. Then to round off the morning there was a recorded interview where Robin Daly the Founder of Yes to Life and Dr Rangan Chatterjee the BBC 'Doctor in the House' talked about widening the brief for GPs. Dr Chatterjee gave a very good example of two ways to approach for instance diabetes and obesity...same patient, same GP, different approach and different language... Though he wasn't there, he and Robin got a well-deserved round of applause!

applause.jpg (24.76 KiB) Viewed 5484 times

There was more, much more, which I sadly had to miss- but I and my husband Andrew Baldwin who is the 'Ideas Man' on the cansurviving site (as well as my carer when necessary) met a lot of people in the refreshment and lunch breaks.... So many thanks to Robin and his Yes to Life team. We hope to be there again next year and join the growing group of 'patients' who get back into the driving seat and become 'people' again...

Dr Judith Edwards
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