Anne's story....

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Anne's story....

Postby Judith » Tue Jun 24, 2014 9:34 pm


Healing a Basal Cell Carcinoma (skin cancer)
> I’d like to share my remarkable and – when I finally got
> there – speedy cure of a skin cancer (bcc) right on the
> top of my head.

I hadn’t felt it myself but it was first
> noticed by a hairdresser back in 2004 who saw that no hair
> was growing around it and recommended getting it seen by a
> GP. I hadn’t long returned from living for two years in
> Durban and I must admit only rarely wore a sun-hat, so if
> you believe skin cancers are only caused by the sun (which I
> don’t – more later!)
I suppose I should have been more
> cautious – but as I had also spent nine years living in
> Uganda and Kenya in my younger years, and most of us really
> only wore sun hats while on holiday in very sunny Mombasa,
> and no-one was at all concerned about skin cancers in those
> days, I didn’t really see the need – and I look freakish
> in hats!
> Back to the story : back home in Dorset, my GP referred me to
> the dermatologist in who did a biopsy and confirmed that it
> was a basal cell carcinoma (bcc). He wanted to operate but I
> kept putting this off, saying I would like to try natural
> treatments –

I had been a Nutritional Therapist for
> several years and was interested in environmental medicine.
> I tried crushing Red Raspberry seeds and putting them in an
> ointment as lots of websites showed the Meeker Red Raspberry
> seed cream
had helped lots of skin cancers. (Tried buying it
> here but none of our supplement centres had heard of it back
> in 2004) A friend said it was just beginning to break it
> down, causing a little bleeding. But it was difficult to
> separate the seeds from the raspberries! And they weren’t
> Meeker ones, only from Canada I believe.
> I rang hospitals in Germany to see what treatments they used
> for skin cancers, and one mentioned Immiquimod. I googled
> this and found it was a chemical-based ointment you had to
> apply every night for several weeks. I didn’t like the
> sound of it but thought I would try it. When I asked the
> hospital about it I found – to my surprise – they
> were trialling it in my local hospital in Dorchester. I was
> accepted on the trial, though the dermatologist had
> reservations about its effectiveness for a bulbous skin
> cancer.

I started applying the contents of each tiny sachet
> each night
, but after about three weeks it got a lot worse.
> Two more very small but bulbous new tumours developed beside
> it and the area became inflamed and about 2 cm wide and was
> quite painful. My family were very concerned and the nurse
> took photos and agreed I should come out of the trial. An
> operation looked imminent, but I still wanted to find a
> natural cure.
> And just about that time I did!. A South American herb from
> Rio Trading was the real hero! I happened to be watching a
> DVD of an International Conference on Lyme Disease and Cats
> Claw,

cats-claw-extract.JPG (11.68 KiB) Viewed 5443 times
a herb which had helped many people heal from LD. And
> – out of the blue as it were – one of the speakers
> mentioned that this herb had also cured a facial skin
> cancer, much bigger than mine on the slide he showed, in
> just a few weeks. I knew I had a bottle of the tincture form
> of Cats Claw, called Samento, at home. I started sprinkling
> the tincture very liberally each day – alcohol and all!
And, almost unbelievably, within 4-5 days all three
> ‘heads’ first started to bleed a little, then bits began
> to break off and finally all three just lifted out, roots
> and all! A small dent on the top of my head was all that was
> – and still is – left.

The dermatologist saw it and
> confirmed it had completely gone and there was no point in
> doing a biopsy. Sadly he didn’t
> seem interested in how I had done it, but such a speedy
> healing really was quite remarkable as it must have been
> around for at least three years.

> In fairness, though I must say that I wasn’t successful
> with a second one that developed, this time behind my right
> ear. It seems there are different kinds of bcc’s and I’m
> convinced that this one was caused by my using a rather
> ‘fierce’ mobile phone back in 2000 when I was living in
> a holiday home (without a land-line)
and used this for up to
> 50 minutes most evenings to keep in touch with clients. I
> felt its radiation and hated it and used to try and hold it
> away from my ear, or use the other ear sometimes. And then,
> maybe not too surprisingly, some 5-6 years later, this
> second bcc developed. This one grew quite quickly, and sadly
> the Samento didn’t seem to help this time. I did end up
> having this one operated on – a very unpleasant experience
> which took some weeks to heal post-surgery.
> I mention this so people don’t think Samento will heal all
> skin cancers.
> On a-googling it seems there are other causes of skin
> cancers, e.g. (a) poor protein digestion and (b) parasites.
> (NB see Zappers to eliminate parasites on the naturopathy forum-je))

It would be good if our medics explored these other
> dimensions and didn’t always attribute skin cancers to
> exposure to our wonderful sun.

our wonderful sun.jpg
our wonderful sun.jpg (8.06 KiB) Viewed 5443 times

Icon has covered parasites as
> a possible cause in a past issue, and other websites touch
> on poor protein digestion, though I haven’t yet found too
> much research on this. If anyone does please let me know.
> Anne Donelan
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