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Keeping you up to date

Postby mattie » Tue Sep 30, 2014 4:55 pm

Hiya Folks

Thought I'd say hi again & say how it's going. Things are ok (touch wood), still continuing with my sugar free, mainly alkaline diet, no alcohol, although I had a month back on the vino after the stress of moving home & I think I deserved a break.

The worst thing I've had through over the last few months has been the side effects of the radiotherapy to the pelvic area. Nobody told me that it effects the nerves in the feet, so the soles of my feet are numb now & for the first time in my life got Gout, which is very painful. I had to look things up on the Web again, panicking that it was Secondary's affecting my foot bones. If no one tells you these things then you think the worst. Insisted I had X-ray & blood tests & all normal, the worst thing I reckon is the lack of post cancer NHS follow ups.

I don't mind not having the all clear & can live with that & my tumour, if it's still there, but when I asked for some mental health support from my cancer nurse, she just said "well you've refused surgery, so we can't offer you anything else" because of stress & my frustration at what I saw as them washing their hands of me she mentioned a counsellor, I've never done that as I don't really believe in it, each to their own, but am tempted, just to question the lack of aftercare or as I say any follow up.

So living normally & getting on with it, still inject GcMAF & symptom free, I really think it works & recommend it highly. There was a brilliant program called 'Word of Mouth' on Radio 4 recently about the language of cancer & if still on iPlayer, check it out.
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Interesting stuff & an example they point out is how people say "oh you must fight it" & "his battling cancer" you wouldn't say to someone with heart disease or Diabetes that theyre battle, fighting or surviving those diseases, & I notice how differently people have approached me, expected & said how brave I am & stiff upper lip approach.

Anyway worth listening to if it's still online. I highly recommend Serrapeptase, it's an enzyme derived from from the Silk Worm & is used to clear arteries in heart disease by heart surgeons as well as that it mends internal scar tissue, there's lots of info on the web. It's definitely repaired the radiation scaring that my surgeon said would prevent any reconstruction if I had surgery. Being blunt, but I'm sure we've been poked & prodded so much, nothing phases us anymore, I've found my poo is now normal, instead of being narrow before, which was because of the scarring. So worth looking into as it will help clear your body of debris helping it heel itself. Hope everyone's enjoying the sunshine, lots of Vit D!
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Cheers Matt
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