My hubby's story

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My hubby's story

Postby TerrySanderson » Tue Oct 28, 2014 1:49 am

First off the treatments killed him.

One day, when the tumor became a problem in his mouth, he knew it wasn't going away and he told me he had cancer. Yes he held the secret for a while because I had health issues and he didn't want to tell me he too was sick.

It was growing fast and was already a stage three at the back of his tongue. Large enough to see it well. It resembled a bunch of rice stuck together. He told me on a Friday night and we saw a health food store Saturday am and booked an appointment Monday am.

His visual diagnosis was Cancer Monday and he was to be booked for further appointments from there on. Further diagnosis said it was bad news.

By this time I had studied no less then 4 hours a night and had him on a whole bunch of herbs and other good food. I am not looking for sympathy here, he was a smoker and drank some beer meaning his chances for this kind of cancer being male were fairly high. Those are the stats.
After diagnosis we were given a treatment plan, in 7 weeks he would start chemo and radiation. By the time they did a new scan to begin his treatments, 7 weeks later he had told me several times he was spitting out small pieces of white stuff while rinsing. I knew we were killing it, it was getting smaller and during that 7 weeks he was telling me he was feeling better then he was in a lot of years, yet he had cancer.

I had him on high dose VitC, MCP, algae, multi, asked him to quit smoking and drinking beer and there was a list of other things I had him on, so,,, on his 7th week to begin treatments they admitted his tumor was already smaller but at this point he had to see a dietitian. She asked for the list of what I had him on. Asked him to quit all of it for the treatments to start. I said yes to all but the fish oils. She agreed but asked it be a small dose fish oil.

As we drove home that day I asked him what he wanted to quit. He was confused. He knew my stuff was killing it and he was afraid of the chemicals they wanted to use but he was afraid not to take theirs even tho he knew mine was already working but how new and unconfirmed is mine? I know nutrition but I was new at cancer so I couldn't say he should go natural only even tho I saw the tumor going down and how healthy he was during what I will call My 7 weeks treating him.
He decided only to give up the Vit C because they really stressed how it would make the chemo useless. He told them nothing.

During his treatments he was to show bad sun burn marks on his cheek and neck on third week, feel like he was sick by then and show progressively worse signs as he went on to 8th week.
Well, he showed none, no burns no illness, no reactions, at third week, none yet at 8th week. Well, what do ya think caused him to fly through this? Why did he get only healthier and why could he go in every day it's a smile and feeling like he was iron man, that's what they started calling him. Aside from them patting themselves on the back for doing such a wonderful job on him that he didn't get even a mark. He gained weight the whole time. Their suggestion of meat, potatoes and gravy must be doing that too... Or could it have been the smoothies he was building every morning after I taught him how,,,?

After the treatments were done they called him their star patient. He went for preventative surgery after that and the specialist who does the anesthesia and intubating took a look thinking she would be doing other work before the surgery because he should have scarring inside the throat,,, "None" she said in shock. She couldn't believe he had no scars in his throat after all them weeks of radiation, here is where I take credit but she said "Oh, but some people just don't get any",,, BS! He was on a treatment that typically shows signs in three weeks. He did 8 weeks worth, every day of the week.

Ok so now he is ten fold healthy, has no cancer and he slowly goes back to being a Man,,, "I don't need all that stuff, last MRI said I have nothing, I feel great". And 6 months later he has flu symptoms, we go back to his doctor and there it is, a third of his heart is gone, one tumor as well by the aorta. Three weeks to live, maybe, he managed two weeks. He believed they cured him. He would forget my stuff even tho I reminded him, we ran a business from home so it was hard to make sure he was taking my stuff and he felt so good he was sure the radiation killed it. Maybe so but did it and the chemo make him weaker in other areas like the heart? Why did it attack his heart?
If he had stayed on my stuff and believed in it as he did at the time of panic, would he be alive today?

Now here is what killes me. Leatril. It was hidden from us, even with all of my studying I never came across this information which is out all over the place now. We had an apricot tree no more then twenty feet from the room he died in. If I could have known about leatril and convinced him it was a drug to stop the cancer from returning and it was all he needed he would have taken it. I had it right in my own yard.

apricot trees.jpg
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I miss him sooo badly and I wish I could have said "Trust me, I will cure you, you don't need them" but I couldn't be sure enough yet to take his life in my own hands. He would have seen the results and probably believed me my stuff did it and would have stayed on it. Instead he had cells damaged and the cancer returned with no symptoms but a sudden flu like action that took him in a hurry. He lasted two weeks and the last few days were like he wasn't even there, just huffing for breath.

I want to stop reliving this but it's hard to forgive the system that let him believe they took care of him.

I took care of him for his last weeks right at home and every day he said he wanted it over as he deteriorated so viciously, the last few days I was praying he'd just stop breathing and let go and yet I wanted so bad to cure him still. He said in his dying days he thought it was gone for good, he wished he'd never thought they cured him and by this time he realized my stuff was curing him and they put stuff in him that opened him up for the return of his cancer. He knew this now.

Now here is the real killer, his chemo doc said something the first day we met him, "well you are gonna die anyway, no matter which chemo you choose", it was a very dark day for us but should we have acted on that? It was the first day we left there both crying, the next time was when we had to return to hear his rad doctor say "You have maybe three weeks". That chemo doctor wouldn't take his own meds and I know that now. He was an asshat for how he spoke but I think he meant to tell us something. What's more he first offered a chemo to make you puke up lunch from your high school days and after he saw our reaction he offered one of lesser side effects but that's when he said "you are gonna die anyway,,, to push the stronger med and put fear in us or to tell us to run away as fast as we could,,, I don't know.

Cancer treatment as it is today is to kill the cancer and the host, I know that. I had him curing before they touched him. Had I known there was a drug to prevent a spread return and it was right in my own yard, he might be alive today. Look up leatril, look up foods that cure and prevent, don't be another stat just because you didn't look hard enough, there is another way.
Eat strawberries and other berries and read all you can, turns out many seeds from our natural foods can detox us.

nutritional seeds.jpg
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I can't tell you how mad I am, still mourning for him but now I am angry. The more I read on cancer the more I know he could be living today. It's a sad thing when some day we will realize we are nothing but lab rats while people continue to play with expensive, ( old drugs ) that have never shown to improve any number since the day they were invented, But, what we had all along has been growing in nature and quite possibly in our own yards, like my apricot tree. That's what we need to learn. Not what they tell you when you get sick and are in a panic for a cure. Don't wait, read all you can and spread the education. Tell your family members to read up on strawberry seeds, Seeds of all kinds, algae, MCP, all that grows on the ground and in the water.

Take supplements because even tho they were saying get your nutrients from real food,,, your food is not real anymore they have laced it with products that make it live through insecticides so they can spray it, they have altered the DNA structure of some foods to make them grow faster and look more brilliant after shipping, because color is what we all want, right? Many of them foods picked before ripening on the vine so they have tougher skins to take the shipment handling. They have messed with the live stalk to fatten them up or produce more of what we eat and drink meaning the nutrients we are supposed to get from what they should eat we won't get, ie grass fed- grain fed cows. Please know, I took the time to write all of this because I lost my best friend and I know he had better chances because I saw it with my own eyes. I can never bring him back but maybe if one person reads this and does their homework they can save themselves or save someone else, who knows.

Do your thing so if you are stricken with this you have the ability to decide what's right for you. Choices are what we need and they are not offered on the day of bad news.

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And one other thing, if they say you have a 50% chance of living up to five years. Do they mean cancer free or dying on Say the fifth year? That five year mark does not mean living anything past five years, or cancer free, it means up to five years and you could be breathing your last any time by then At the upper Mark of a 50% chance so bets are all those not making the 50% died much, much sooner, those making it to five years are still probably going to die around the fifth year, why do you think they don't say 6 years or 7? Because stats don't show many going past that after diagnosis and treatment. They tell us we have a bout of cancer about ten times in our life time but the body manages to fight many times leaving us free of it again and again. Once the body is weakened from other sickness or tired of the fights we get hit by the bad one, so why couldn't we strengthen ourselves for one more fight and then try to stay healthier? I believe we can. Do you think we can? Why is cancer at such a high rate after all of these years of study by the pros? Yup, they have a ton of symptom management meds but none to cure, is there a reason why? Is it better to see people live out a slightly sickened life and make money or would it be better to stop the disease in its tracks?

No money in curing a disease. Why do you think there are so many meds to Manage diabetes, But yet not even one to cure it? There are many natural meds to help and probably cure these diseases and education is the cure. If we listen to one source we are as like yesterday, doomed to pay and suffer while they keep us almost happily sick.
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Re: My hubby's story

Postby jtango » Mon Mar 14, 2016 12:30 am

Terry, I'm so sorry for your loss. I see that your post is over a year old and you may not even see this but my husband also had oral squamous cell, so I have some idea of what you went through.

I just hope that you're doing well by now.

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