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A talk by a cansurvivor, Nina Joy....

PostPosted: Thu Feb 04, 2016 11:29 am
by Judith
Cansurviving Event Jan 23 2016

So two years after our successful opening at the Tabernacle, when we are now over 340 members strong and rising, getting up to 16 K hits a month, we hosted a talk for members and guests, which was filmed by Morgan Phillips (without her tripod, so it was particularly a feat). Lara, two years ago just starting out on her raw biscuit odyssey, supplied us all with free sample biscuits and delicious chocolate drinks. Nina Joy, our speaker for the day, brought copies of her books to buy. Flu (well it IS January!) kept quite a few of our guests away, but still we had a good gathering, and Andre who runs a meditation centre locally lit a candle in front of our boat full of vegetables- for cansurviving, as we know, there needs to be a combination of attention to Body, Mind and Spirit, for true healing.

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So here is the link to the talk, which offers one person's personal perspective on how to heal after the trauma of cancer diagnosis. No-one 'owns' the disease or the ways to deal with it, but this kind of sharing is vital. For reasons of confidentiality, we did not film the questions and answers at the end.

In September 2017 we learned sadly that Nina Joy has now left the planet....we salute what she did for cansurvivors, and we carry on the work, and the site which she called 'a brilliant resource'...Farewell Nina...

Here are a few of the reactions we received after the event...

“Thank-you for your great caring work!!!  More energy and power to you!!”

“A pleasure to be on board the Cansurviving boat! Will pass on and post of course. Thank you so much for your support. I will stay in touch”

“I am so glad I came on Saturday … Barbara is doing very well now.”

“I found the talk interesting and it whetted my appetite…”

'I enjoyed Nina's presentation and I liked her approach of here is what happened to me and if it makes sense to you then you have another path to choose, other than that offered by conventional medical practice. She is quite right that a doctor knows what he knows and is not qualified to comment on alternative treatments. We both really found it stimulating and therefore enjoyable.”