Another idea for spreading the word...

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Another idea for spreading the word...

Postby Judith » Wed May 14, 2014 2:58 pm

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This morning brought the news of the death of the teenager Stephen Sutton from bowel cancer-he raised millions for orthodox cancer research, and was a hugely courageous young person.

So I went to the Guardian online comments and posted this:

Heartfelt condolences to his family--losing a son, when it is sons who should outlive their parents--but what an amazing and inspirational son he was. He raised awareness and those of us still on the planet need to keep up the challenge--in many different ways. For instance is a one-stop shop for those living after cancer diagnosis--and some people live healthy lives for many years, living with cancer, rather than dying from it, paying attention to their bodies, their minds and their spirits. . 'A lifejacket for people' it has been called- and some people spread the word 'in memory of dear dead friends'. For every wonderful high profile phenomenon like Stephen there are thousands suffering, lacking hope, in despair. This is all about All of Us, and profound thanks to this remarkable young man for being such a spearhead. All kinds of research into all kinds of healing modalities needs to be undertaken-no one modality necessarily has all the answers.!

So please post on online forums if and when you can-it all helps to spread the vital word, drop by drop ....
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Now in early 2015 I went in to my local dry cleaners and shoe menders to drop off some leaflets--he said 'this is noble work'---
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all we can do to spread this is indeed noble-the site is not selling anything and it costs so little of our time to pass it on--

Just today I also went online to post because someone was knocking a young woman called Kara Rosen with a company called Plenish--why? Because she eats kale, nuts, drinks vegetable juice...Here's what I said:

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Why do people need to knock people who are genuinely trying to change themselves and others? Is it envy? Is it guilt about their own eating habits? All I'd like to say is more power to her and others like her--diet is especially important if you are aiming to survive vibrantly following the trauma of cancer diagnosis- do go onto for loads of good ideas for body and diet, mind and spirit...and do pass it on-- and ignore the Twix bars, sorry guys but cancer LOVES sugar

So as I said at the beginning of the post, please do comment on line where you can- it all helps in 'this noble work'...
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