Starting Out

If you're confused start here.

Starting Out

Postby Judith » Fri Oct 16, 2015 8:29 pm

Are you CONFUSED and in DESPAIR? Does this all seem OVERWHELMING?
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Are you BLINDED by science?

We all once felt that way...just remember to TAKE IT SLOWLY- eat real food (loads of ideas on the diet forum), and remember this cancer took a LONG time to grow in a body that wasn't too healthy either physically, or perhaps emotionally- so don't be rushed or coerced by anyone, doctors, family or friends ...try not to fall into the URGENCY trap...but you may need to be prepared for some opposition and lack of support-

you need to transform your whole person but it won't happen overnight so don't despair,even if you have days when you feel despairing- feel the despair but try not to BE it... just do your best each day
Just slowly find out what works best for YOU...this stuff is work, it works, and you're worth it...


If you can afford it buy a JUICER as a new start, and start with a green juice every day: (more details in next post here) and then listen to our RADIO PROGRAMME which should help you navigate your way - we're all here to help too...

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Our Logo says it all- you need to stabilize your own little boat and load it slowly- like any land trip, fear may come along a bit for the ride, but DON'T let it steer the boat!!! (and see the Depression forum too...)

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if you need help let us know- first port of call might be the Site Founder

And do respond to this post as well- we need YOU to tell us how we can help...

Update April 25 2016- Just discovered this guy Robert Morse-- RELAX
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over this diet thing he says, (just as we say)--we need to walk together.. go slow, dig deep-- there are lots of videos of his on YouTube- start here and 'don't walk with doubt and controversy, walk with knowingness'-- I hope he appeals as much to some of you as he does to me, four years on in this new phase of my life...
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Re: Starting Out- juicing and listening....

Postby Judith » Sat Oct 17, 2015 9:36 am

There are juicer details in profusion on the web- you could do worse than try an OMEGA - they last really well and this one has good reviews on the web... ... ion-center

good reviews and if you are in the UK one is sent a 8226 model...look at the reviews???

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Here to are more details re green juicing- but TRY NOT TO GET OVERWHELMED! We apparently walk faster than our parents did- but now' s the time to SLOW DOWN : ... -recipes/#

and if you sit back, drink your juice and listen to our Radio Programme (a separate post on this Starting Out Forum) that should give you a bit of space and also some more ideas about how to go--SLOWLY-- no rush here...and clean up your act, body, mind and spirit...

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BROWSE on the site,that's what it's for, choose a book from the Library section maybe (The PH DIET is good) and chill, leave the Research section for later when you feel more WILL get there...'

And here is a poem to read while you chill--plenty more on the Spirit forum...

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