Everything you need to know---that's the title!

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Everything you need to know---that's the title!

Postby Judith » Fri Oct 25, 2013 11:50 am

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Here's one of the latest book reviews for 'Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer', says Chris Woollams, who has a site 'canceractive' which I have also linked to topics elsewhere on this site. The site is huge & I gather only today he is now having another site where cancer patients can blog etc--there is room for all & I hope we may make links in the future--his site also sells his books, which is a difference with this site of ours, on which the 'first begetter' of it isn't selling anything.. I'm not sure I go a bundle on this 'beating cancer' concept--the struggle, the fight, etc etc--living with rather than dying of is more what I feel may be helpful--but here goes...(and this review below also demonstrates this when she talks about how many contradictory views there are, each person probably genuinely believing their version is THE TRUTH) As John Donne said 'Truth sits on a high crag', and if you wish to approach her (?) you 'around must and aorund must go'...

CW says this review is 'written by a NURSE (his caps) who clearly knows what she is talking about: "An inspiring fount of knowledge written with great patient understanding. As an intelligent person who wishes to be better informed to make personal choices on my own health, I believe this book to be simply excellent. Thus I was concerned to read a `Book Review' posted by a Josephine Jones who, it seems, is the same fictitious Skeptic who has been recorded publically sending tweets to fellow Skeptics, many of whom actively attack complementary and alternative therapies. In one of these, I read that she was going to `get' Chris Woollams, the author of "Everything You Need To Know To Help You Beat Cancer." This warning from Ms Jones followed a public apology issued by Professor David Colquhoun in connection with allegations of lies written about Mr Woollams. Josephine Jones' book review reads not as book review at all but more like a `Revenge Attack'. Worryingly in her review, Josephine Jones repeatedly misleads and misinforms and this is potentially highly dangerous. For example, her comments on glucose would lead people with cancer to continue to consume it, yet there is more than ample research showing that people with the highest levels of plasma glucose develop more cancer and die more quickly. This is because, while healthy cells are flexible and can use fuels other than glucose, cancer cells are inflexible and must have glucose to survive and multiply. In fact only last week a very close friend who is a senior manager within the NHS was advised by her consultant oncologist to avoid eating sugar, dairy and red meat. I am also concerned when Josephine Jones talks of polysaccharides. These are powerful immune boosters which you should include in your armoury and although technically sugars, she doesn't seem to realize that they cannot be broken into glucose in the body. By way of confirmation of Woollams' assertions, I read that there is increasing evidence for calorie restriction and even fasting as a way of improving the success of your orthodox medicine and surviving longer. Ms Jones seems to know none of this.
This book takes you through the stages of cancer and tells you what you can do to help yourself. It covers all the likely causes (and drivers) of cancer so you can avoid them. It gives you questions to ask your doctor so you don't sit there and risk forgetting something important. It focuses you on what to do and what to take to get the most out of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery; and how to minimise side-effects. This hardly, as Josephine Jones claims, undermines the medical profession. The medical profession is only too aware of side-effects. You will also be able to read about the complementary therapies that can support you including diet, supplements and different forms of exercise. It also covers homeopathy, which some patients find highly useful, and `currently alternative' therapies including Hyperthermia, Dendritic Cell and Photodynamic Therapy. Above all I found it to be balanced and objective. If research exists the author tells you; if it doesn't he warns you. I particularly liked the two page summaries on cancers which included colon, brain, breast and prostate. He also writes about topics such as the microbiome (the bacteria in your gut) and how crucial it is to your good health and survival. The research in the book is completely up to date. Finally, in response to Josephine Jones' comment on references, I found them on most pages (shown in italics and in brackets) and I also found them in the research centre on the CANCERactive website along with many articles written by oncologists and doctors.When you read this book you will discover that it is an inspiring fount of knowledge, easily referenced and it can help you to save months of scouring the internet yourself, should you or someone you care about be given a cancer diagnosis. In my opinion everyone who wants to beat cancer should have this book. It is a `must have'.
Amazingly, we had to reprint this 4th edition after just two and a half months. The cheapest place you can buy it as far as I know, is direct from our Wholesaler. Beware Amazon, please, They are buying and selling copies of the out of date 2005 edition. Call 0203 186 1006 (or click the link below).
• Buy The Book 'Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer'

And here for good measure is a link which lists an array of books on how to heal yourself- truly you will never be short of reading matter on this topic! And IF you find an amazing and helpful book you wish to review for our other members, DO feel free to post it as a service to us all- after you have registered an account of course...thank you! GIVING BACK is one of our aims and so important for your own healing...

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http://www.healingcancernaturally.com/m ... aling-book
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Re: Everything you need to know---that's the title!

Postby lkile » Tue Apr 14, 2015 11:17 am

I have lived with this book for the last six months since I was diagnosed with colon cancer. It is comprehensive, easy to read (short "chapters!) and very empowering! IT SAVES YOU TIME .....
and gets you making critical life changes fast.

For anyone facing the challenge of cancer I I would also suggest these three books:

"The Rainbow Diet" - also by Chris Woollams
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"Anti Cancer-a new way of life" by Dr David Servan-Schreiber (a doctor with cancer!)
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"Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients" by Dr Russell Blaylock
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I have read and re read all three. I wouldn't be without these books!

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