Detecting Cancer by Dr Xandria Wiliams

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Detecting Cancer by Dr Xandria Wiliams

Postby Dr Xandria Williams » Fri Feb 03, 2017 3:55 pm

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Gaining time: to prevent or recover from cancer. Two proposed test panels for the very early detection of cancer, and guidance in non-toxic recovery strategies are described. With the first test panel it is possible to detect the start of the cancer process only a few weeks after it has started, and possibly several years before a tumour is detectable. This gives the individual time to reverse back out of the process in a safe, painless and non-toxic way.
Dr Xandria Williams
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Re: Detecting Cancer by Dr Xandria Wiliams

Postby stamatoula » Mon Feb 13, 2017 5:07 pm

This book (the third in the series) discusses panels that can assist in dealing with cancer.

The first panel focuses on the VERY early detection of cancer cells forming in the body. This can be years before a tumour (which, following her second book, is an end product) forms. It is useful for anyone who wants to know if they have cancer or not.

If a cancer diagnosis exists, the second panel can help to refine the non-toxic techniques that can be used to halt its advancement and development as well as to eventually restore normal body function.

Well worth reading and re-reading!

Beautifully written, in a way that the tests and their significance can be understood, even by lay people. Would strongly recommend this to anyone with a diagnosis of cancer!
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Re: Detecting Cancer by Dr Xandria Wiliams

Postby Claudioconde » Mon Feb 13, 2017 5:10 pm


Another amazing book about cancer and not only that.
The importance of detecting cancer and how we can improve and deal with it, to overcome cancer.
Love Dr Xandria's books and strongly recommend them :)
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Re: Detecting Cancer and Vital Signs Review

Postby drew43 » Fri Mar 31, 2017 3:51 pm

Dr Xandria Williams has written two important books on the subjects of how to avoid cancer, "Vital Signs For Cancer" and what to do if you are diagnosed as having cancer, "Detecting Cancer" There is some overlap. They are useful because they go into exhaustive detail about the prevention, reverse and monitoring of the 'Cancer Process' as she terms it. They are it seems extremely knowledgeable on the science
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and the research with detailed references to back up her assertions on the way to go about remaining healthy or recovering health. These books are best practice guides through a complex minefield which also involves the disconnect between orthodox treatment and the alternative ways of going about dealing with the prevention and reversing of a cancer diagnosis. They are valuable sources of information for anyone who has not given much thought to the epigenetic causes of cancer and how our diet and life styles are intimately connected with this disease.

However if you are reeling from a diagnosis of cancer you are likely to be feeling depressed dispirited and confused
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and perhaps not be in the right frame of mind to appreciate the message and advice in these books
. They are very demanding in the courses of action advocated and also it must be said somewhat bewildering in their comprehensiveness. A huge amount of self discipline and dedication to the task of dealing with your illness is required. Whilst not in any way detracting from the value of these books it may perhaps be better in the initial stages of coming to terms with the illness to choose something more all embracing in terms of body mind and soul. There are plenty of such books in the Library section. You could also look at the How do I Start and the Let it Be fora which suggest a more relaxed approach and also deal with the very important problem of Depression which I think is not addressed in these books and this as we know can seriously affect motivation. The impression left on this reviewer who ( as far as is known) does not have cancer is of a determinedly mechanistic approach to a multi factorial subject which instilled a degree of anxiety that is not helpful in the early stages of dealing with cancer and which is what this website is about.
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