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Granny Reads...

PostPosted: Thu Mar 18, 2021 9:40 pm
by Rosa_M
Granny reads... please share with young children who you think will enjoy an audio story read by our very own founder. There are other titles to be found on YouTube - just search Granny Reads. Enjoy!
Hi, great stuff , for kids everywhere..I have set up a YouTube channel Granny and Her Friends read Stories for Children - free resource for parents too busy or not knowing how important pre-reading skills are ..being read TO is a vital part of wanting to's much more than just the simple words on each page..and even after they can read kids love being read to..
I am a former teacher, retired child and adolescent therapist, writer and lecturer and grandmother! Hope we can link up, please send this to English-speaking countries round the world.. - having books available and giving kids the will to read starts with being read TO as I said: ... YHNHPMuqsA

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