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Juicing cancer out of your body

PostPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2016 9:27 pm
by juicemaker
I would just like to share how juicing has changed my life in fact it has saved my life, and kept me healthy for over twenty three years.
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Juicing is what i do to help others but foremost
i do it because i have not been sick for over 23 years, and i say it is all because of developing raw food juices, and using them everyday of my life, i have five juices that i drink
every morning and throughout the day
i do my best to stay away from processed foods, like anything from a box,or packages,or glass jars, what i'm saying is if it is on a store shelf
it is poison to your body.

Do Not Fear Cancer
Cancer is a disease not to be feared, fear causes panic, and panic leads to bad decisions.
In my 23 years of working with people who are recovering from what I called barbaric treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.
The key to removing cancer is so simple with a little education.
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In my experience they immune system is the key to eradication of 95% of all man made diseases.

Vegetables, fruits, nut and seeds, legumes, fermented foods, raw juices, spring water, this is all in there living form, never applying heat over 110 degrees to your food because the life force known as enzymes will die, please understand that putting dead foods into a live body begins the cycle of deterioration to a living immune system Remember, please do your research, the truth will come to you when you do. ----Juicemaker.