Herbal tea with a long history of being helpful...

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Herbal tea with a long history of being helpful...

Postby Judith » Thu Nov 14, 2013 10:31 am

Essiac Tea is a world famous herbal formula developed by Rene Caisse (Essiac is a reversal of her name), a Canadian nurse. (Mentioned in the book Cancer is Not a Disease-reviewed in Library section on this site) ,it’s based on an ancient Native Canadian recipe and uses 4 herbs: Sheep Sorrel, Burdock Root, Turkey Rhubarb Root and Slippery Elm bark. It supports the body holistically during cancer –you can make it month by month at home, and after making it you can use the herbs to put in the bath. It’s got a mild flavour and you can drink it (I do) last thing at night on an empty stomach. It can be used alongside conventional medical cancer treatment to help reduce side effects. I get mine from the Clouds Trust (http://www.cloudstrust.org) --they have cancer support groups too. You can take a therapeutic dose and then when things improve a maintenance dose.
Clouds Trust is a UK based charity, depending entirely on donations, and their herbs are harvested either from local organic sources, or from those reliable sources further afield where necessary. You can make e mail contact: info@cloudstrust.org. I've found them to be unfailingly helpful and prompt.
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Here's some of the background to the tea:

In May of 1974 Rene Caisse wrote the following words to Dr. Chester Stock: "It took years to find out the one herb that actually worked on the growth itself [i.e., Sheep Sorrel]. The other herbs I used to purify the blood and throw off any infection thrown off by the malignant growth as it regressed." [ESSIAC: Secrets of Rene Caisse's Herbal Pharmacy, p. 23]
"The research showed Sheep Sorrel, the most acidic ingredient at pH 4.5, to be the one herb that had a directly destructive effect on cancerous cells. All the initial experiments were carried out on laboratory mice: 'We found that on mice inoculated with human carcinoma, the growth regressed until it was no longer invading living tissue after nine days of Essiac experiments.'" [ESSIAC: Secrets of Rene Caisse's Herbal Pharmacy, p. 23, 24]

Rene Caisse described this process in detail in the following three paragraphs:

"Most importantly, and this was verified in animal tests conducted at the Brusch Medical Center and other laboratories, it was discovered that one of the most dramatic effects of taking this remedy was its affinity for drawing all the cancer cells which had spread back to the original site at which point the tumor would first harden, then later it would soften, until it vanished altogether or more realistically, the tumor would decrease in size to where it could then be surgically removed with minimal complications.
"In certain cases and at certain stages of the disease, the cancer would act as if it were 'coming to a head', similar to an abscess. It would then break down and slough away. These people all reported that when the mass breaks, it isn't like pus but like a cottage cheese substance that comes away. Still other types will enlarge until the mass is localized, then loosen and reduce in size until there is nothing left, having been absorbed into and carried off by the blood stream and body waste.

"I found also that no matter where the malignancy may be in the human body, surgery would be much more successful after six to eight treatments of Essiac, followed by further treatments once a week after the operation for a period of three months; then there would be no recurrence of the tumor. In the case of breast cancers, the primary growth will usually invade the mammary gland of the opposite breast or the auxilla (armpit), or both. My treatment, I found, reduced the secondary growth into the primary mass, enlarging it for a time. When it became localized, it was encapsulated and could then be removed without danger of recurrence. In one instance, a patient with breast cancer was instructed by her doctor to have six Essiac treatments before undergoing surgery. After the fifth treatment, however, the cancer disappeared, with no recurrence."
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Petals galore! One more for your tea time enjoyment...

Postby Judith » Mon Jan 13, 2014 7:23 pm

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Here’s another herb tea to vary your drinking habits…chrysanthemum tea boosts immunity, reduces inflammataion, is good for circulation and liver health, is an anti-oxidant...bring it on,herb tea drinkers all!

http://www.bewellbuzz.com/healing-herbs ... a-benefits
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Re: Herbal tea with a long history of being helpful...

Postby GeoffreyHarrison » Tue May 30, 2017 8:32 am

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Re: Herbal tea with a long history of being helpful...

Postby rathore36912 » Tue Aug 21, 2018 5:57 pm

Ofcourse herbal teas are the most effective way to cleanse your body and boost immunity. They are full of health-boosting compounds that can even stop the growth of tumors and cancers. Even the science has begun approving this.
This may be the reaso n why the old people were so healthy and long-living. Now, we are deteriorating our bodies faster than ever.
But, medicinal or herbal teas can help us. These teas are best to heal the body and are caffeine-free as well.
I have found a source with a list of 11 herbal teas whose benefits and possible side-effects are discovered by NCBI.
-Rooibos tea
-chamomile tea
-peppermint tea
-lemon balm tea
-passionflower tea
-rose hip tea
-ginger tea
-sage tea
-chaga tea
-hibiscus tea
-echinacea tea

Source: https://trendsified.com/medicinal-herba ... e-effects/
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