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This message just below, posted today 22nd January 2019, is typical of the results we continually receive with the LIFEWAVE patches. Do ask if you have any questions on accessing or the use of these Life Saving patches and we will be so happy to assist.
Regards Rob.

IT IS STRANGE, that while Barbara and I head a team of thousands of people around the world we still have friends and relatives who cannot understand what Lifewave is all about? We do understand it can be difficult trying to understand something “New”, that many people do not know about, so perhaps this may help understand a little more?

Yesterday I was called by a lady we have been helping for some months. She was so happy, thanking Barbara and me so much for assistance with the Lifewave patches. WHY? Well a little over 12 months ago she was terminally ill, also suffering with untreatable pain, only had a short time to live and was busy trying to get her affairs in order before leaving this world.

The pain was not an issue with the patches. This was easing away in minutes when first applying the patches and even after short term use of the patches is now, over 12 months later, still literally pain free.

The terminal illness was another issue assisted with the patches. She now has her life back, has no serious health issues, is so full of energy and the people she knows cannot get over the change in her and the improvement in her appearance.

The above is a common result we find when using the patches. We are not attempting to treat any medical condition but just using the patches for allowing the body to heal itself – and it can do this in some amazing ways given the opportunity.

Along with the patches used above we now have a new patch producing a peptide for emulating a Stem Cell process. Stem cell procedures can cost $10,000 to $20,000 or more, are unsafe, painful, often ineffective and overall are found to be about 5% effective as the patches. The patches are simple for anyone to use, low in cost, extremely effective and have no harmful side effects. One also wonders why anyone would consider traditional Stem cell procedures when these patches can be readily available.

Hopefully if you have read through this message it could help you understand just a little about what these patches are doing. We also wonder how many people will ask if they would like more information? Rob

An extra note (in Facebook) provided by Kevin, who initially introduced the idea of the patches to this lady:
Kevin Murphy Thanks Rob, but let me tell everyone the rest of the story. November 2017: I did a job for - let’s call her Eve (not her real name). She said she had Leukaemia, and every cell in her body ached. 9.5 out of 10. I put icewave under her feet. She walked for 10 meters, thought carefully, and said that this was the first time in six years (since diagnosis) that she felt no pain. With tears in her eyes, she grinned like Luna Park.
I knew I was out of my depth, so I encouraged Eve to talk to Rob Harding. For the next 12 months, Rob guided her in the use of various patches to help her body to heal itself. - with incredible results. Her doctor told her to keep doing whatever she was doing, because he had never seen such a turnaround for a Leukaemia patient.
Fast forward to January 2019. Eve rang me to just say “thank you”. She explained that when we first met, she was in the process of putting her affairs in order. She had already had six years after a two year death sentence. When she called, I had never heard anyone so excited. As if she won the Lottery. But it wasn’t money she won, it was life. A chance to keep living.
To all you Lifewave distributors, and to anyone considering opening an account: You have a tremendous resource in Rob and Barbie, as well as Joyce, and whoever invited you to join the team. If you don’t know how to patch someone, ask your team. Someone will have the answer.
This is an exciting time in the Lifewave opportunity. X39 will open doors, and help a lot of people.
Thanks Rob, and all the other people who contribute to making this a great business. We are involved with some wonderful people.

A MESSAGE for 2018 and likely


These are real people having real results with one of the most advanced technologies known today for producing a wonderful quality of life and even saving lives for so many.
If you would like to join this group where hundreds of people around the world are sharing information and supporting others with the patches please "Friend" us in Facebook and we will add you.
Our Facebook name is Robert H Harding

An example from LIFEWAVE TEAM LEARNING Oct to Dec 2018:
Thyroid Cancer Oct to Dec 2018.jpg
Thyroid Cancer Oct to Dec 2018.jpg (90.08 KiB) Viewed 8336 times


We would like to thank Cansurviving for their wonderful efforts in helping support reach so many people.


Even when NOT wanting to ingest or induce drugs, chemicals or other substances that may cause allergies or other harmful side effects people will still avoid something proven safer and more effective because of lack of knowledge.


For many years we have personally assisted thousands of people around the world with NON-TRANSDERMAL PHOTOTHERAPY PATCHES. We understand anything you could use to improve health and wellbeing is a bonus but so many products prove costly, difficult to use, vary in effectiveness and as with anything ingested or induced can have negative side effects. The patches we suggest have NONE of these issues!

As a disclaimer the patches are not promoted toward Cure, Treatment or Prevention of any disease in man or animal (YES, they are also used extensively for animals). However, we do use them to relieve resulting conditions they have already been clinically proven to assist with and this is where we are changing so many lives to the better. The patches are already extensively proven to assist with easing many chronic, ageing and life-threatening conditions we all face from time to time. They are now used by millions of people and are also used in hospitals in Europe and elsewhere about the world for disaster victims.

tree of life.jpg
tree of life.jpg (12.43 KiB) Viewed 10892 times

The Lifewave patch is round adhesive patch, like a band aid, about 35mm in diameter and is attached directly onto the skin, clothing or bandaging and is completely bio-degradable.

Lifewave patches use nanotechnology in its production. Tiny molecules of oxygen, amino acids, sugars and water are put together in a matrix sandwiched inside the impermeable waterproof patch materials. Nothing enters the body - the effect is purely energetic - a signalling mechanism if you will.

When placed on or near the body, even on top of clothing, they communicate with the body’s energy system using infrared light for a near immediate and powerful positive effect. There are different patches, tuned for specific functions and all are extensively proven to function as created for.

Nothing enters the body. Chemical based drugs, supplements, herbs and even food can over time change a cells function. The patches communicate direct with the cell to provide an immediate direct influence on the cell’s function without the concerns from negative effects on the cell or overall health.

The patches provide relief for Chronic Pain, Inflammation, Stress (Physical and mental), Oxidative Stress and can assist with Energy and Sleep along with boosting Glutathione and Carnosine levels.

All these issues are often considered pre-cursors for Cancer – reverse the issues and……

The Lifewave Glutathione patch is our favourite patch and for very good reason. See the note below. We have assisted ongoing for many of the issues mentioned in this document while using the patches and have found the patches such a blessing in not only giving people back their quality of life but also saving lives.

Glutathione Patches Facts and Obtaining ... 8.pdf?dl=0

They are as easy to apply as using a band aide. They work like Acupuncture but without needles, often being placed on Acupuncture points and Meridians. While many times more effective than needles they are also proving very safe for ALL ages. Simple diagrams and directions are provided for various issues, so the patches are very easy for any individual to use.

Barbara and I have been extensively trained over many years toward the use and application of the patches and this is now our aim in life to assist all users of the patches world-wide. This support is provided Ongoing and Free of Charge for ALL users of the patches.

First ask about as there are now millions of people using the patches and someone you know could already be using them?

The patches can be obtained direct from Lifewave members around the world or packets of patches can be obtained through a Lifewave member’s website. The packets of patches have 30 patches in each and with general use a packet of patches can last some considerable time. For many conditions only 2 or 3 patches may be suggested each week and often not every week, as results are often residual with short term use for a long-term result. If ordering through any Lifewave member’s website the patches are generally shipped with local delivery from a nearby distribution centre.

As mentioned our main aim is to assist with using the patches; but we would like to ensure all people needing the patches can obtain the patches and gain the benefits.

Please ask if you need assistance in obtaining the patches or you can contact Lifewave Customer Service direct as shown on our website – see ABOUT US / Customer Service.

Our member number, for reference is 610148

A Facebook page has recently been created by a group of people in Adelaide Australia to help people understand the use and application of the Lifewave patches mentioned here. This group has also been holding local meetings to demonstrate the use of the patches and is now assisting people in other countries to follow on with this assistance.

The Facebook page is “Lifewave Team Learning” (Adelaide, Australia). It is a closed group but all who have an interest in improved ongoing health are welcome to join. This is also a wonderful way to find out all you need to know about an amazing product; the way it is improving so many lives, with all the support you could need and with no obligation to even purchase product unless wanting to. Connect to this Facebook page if you can, it is attracting members from many countries and many of the experiences posted are amazing.

Please let us know if you have further enquiries? Also let us know your Facebook name if wanting to join this group and we will assist?

We do understand you could require more direct assistance with specific issues. We are also happy to communicate Email or SKYPE (Our Skype name is RobandBarbie) or will even telephone you if requested (We respect privacy and do not call unless asked).

Rob and Barbara

Footnote: We apologise for the extent of the details in our posting but considering the topic of this forum we have tried to give as much detail as necessary so people can make an informed decision on something that is already helping millions of people about the world.
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All supplements, Oils, Medication, Foods, Herbs and even Cannabis oil work over time (or attempt to work in many cases) by effecting the body at a cellular level. Some, and particularly medication, in effecting the body at this level do not actually heal the problem but simply “Mask” the problem and along with this can also create harmful and life destroying side effects.

Often, we hear from people that they know the medication is damaging but appears as the only way to survive and it is “Cheap”; the prescriptions cost minimal and the Government pays the huge difference in cost from Pharma anyway (we just pay the millions of dollars difference in our taxes).

Now days we have a range of devices to attached to our body for attempting to attend to health issues using various electrical pulses and even magnetic fields to try and change the body at the cellular level. A big problem here is the cost of these devices, the fact they are often only available with repeated appointments with various treatment organisations and because of the intermittent use can take some time to produce a desired effect, if at all?

Our bodies are controlled by a pathway of meridians and acupuncture points that can regulate the health and wellbeing of our body. Providing a positive effect on this system can have a huge impact on healing, easing pain, providing energy and many other issues. Sensible ingesting or inducing substances or even using pressure or needles an acupuncture points can provide a positive effect at a cellular level over time but can still have risks along with high costs?

For many years now, researchers have been finding that Light is the treatment for the future and this is already proving one of the most effective healing methods known today. There are various devices attempting this technology, most are very expensive and again often awkward, repeatedly using some bulky device for short term use.

The Lifewave patches we now have available are one of the most finely tuned, safe, easy to use, low cost and effective methods known to produce an immediate positive effect at a cellular level. They are already well proven for use by human and animals and can provide a near instant positive healing affect for pain, ageing, energy, sleep and other health issues we all suffer with from time to time and all with NO HARMFUL SIDE EFFECTS. Unlike bulky devices that are attempting to do what the patches are already doing; the patches can be left in place long term for a far more effective and long term result.

Lifewave patches – An explanation of Phototherapy for the future
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From a user of the patches:

lifewaver patches and chronic pain.jpg
lifewaver patches and chronic pain.jpg (14.8 KiB) Viewed 11443 times

"In 1988, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy. But in 1998, the cancer had metastasized to my right lung and was put on Tamoxiphen regimen, followed by lung surgery. I was with stage-4 cancer.

In December of 2010, cancer was detected in my lungs, liver, spine and brain. Bedridden and on hospice care at home, oxygen had to be administered, 24/7 for a couple of months, to facilitate my breathing. My doctor put me on Anastrozole followed by radiation to my spine. I was out of hospice after seven months of treatment.

In November of 2011, I traveled abroad to visit and say my goodbyes to some family and see my parents’ grave one last time. After seven weeks, I came back but was confined to a wheelchair throughout the length of the trip.

My brother heard about my condition and, so, came to visit me. He brought some Lifewaver patches and started patching my knees. To everybody’s surprise, just after a few seconds, my joint pain was gone, and I was able to stand and walk normally. The day after, my brother brought some more patches and had me “detoxed” followed by a patch application following a protocol for cancer. A couple of weeks after, my CT-Scan showed no trace of cancer in my lungs and liver. In March of this year, my MRI showed no more scarring in my brain and lungs. Traces of cancer are still in my bones but inactive. My recent blood work has shown results comparable to that of a healthy 20 year old.

The combination of traditional medical treatment and Lifewaver homeopathy has benefitted me greatly with surprising results that have even confounded my friends and family, and even those involved in my treatment. I have made believers and Lifewaver participants of them."


We often see results as above. While the patches are predominantly used for many issues these same issues can also be a precursor for many problems with cancer. The more we can relieve pain, stress, inflammation, energy problems, sleep problems and other problems that affect us all the better chance we have toward a long term healthy existence. The various patches do attend to all these problems in the most effective and natural way possible.


“I’s” long term chronic back pain went with Icewave.
(“I” had this pain issue for 13 years prior and was amazed how quickly and thoroughly the pain reduced. (He has now regularly used the patches for himself and his wife. He continues to be pain free and his wife is so happy she has overcome her fatigue issues. November 2016).
Helen's hands and back tension relaxed. (Icewave)
“R1”tried Aeon and his back tightness and tension relaxed immediately.
(To date this pain and inflammation is still eased wonderfully – November 2016).
C’s TMJ(burning tongue) right side was relieved immediately.
“R2” said his tumour markers went down from 5 to 3 in the 6 weeks he had glutathione patch on. (His doc was surprised as it was supposed to go up as he had a break from chemo). His stomach bag contents also turned black while wearing the patch and this discoloration is suspected to be from all the toxins being eliminated from his body.
(In reference to R2’s tumour markers: Dropping from 5 to 3 being a gain. The real truth is that he was between 6 weekly sessions of chemo when this reading was done and just prior to another session of chemo. The markers just after sessions of chemo have always been 5. During the 6 weeks to the next session the markers have been increasing each time to around 25 to 35 – they have NEVER stayed at 5 and have certainly NEVER gone below 5. This is what is making R2 and his family so happy with the patches and is also apparently the reason his overall appearance and health have improved so much. The doctors do not understand how his markers can be so impressive – and they have not been told! The doctors have put his next session of chemo on hold – they do not feel it is necessary anymore? November 2016).

D's lower back and hip pain was relieved somewhat with Icewave. Possibly need longer to resolve.
G said her back felt relaxed too with Icewave.
We patched 9 people at this demo – ALL had a 100% result with the patches for various problems. This is a typical result we have with the patches. For pain we consider it a success when the pain level drops by at least 50% or back to Zero. It only took around 15 minutes in total to apply the patches to ALL these people! Some of the back pain reduced from a level of near 10 back to near a level of 2 or gone completely - and this was happening in minutes.

In assisting a lady in the US with the patches and following extra research on combining raised Glutathione levels in conjunction with chemo, even during chemo, the results with this also appear very positive. There have been a great many trials using a combination of raised Glutathione levels when subjected to chemo and ALL show very positive results toward easing the negative side effects of chemo AND show a far more positive result with the chemo. While we personally would not subject ourselves to chemo this may be of interest to people who may already be considering chemo in the future? Rob and Barbara.

As a disclaimer we are not using the patches to treat, cure or prevent cancer. The Glutathione patch is a favourite for eliminating Free Radicals from ALL cells in the body, providing a massive boost to the immune system and eliminating harmful toxins and heavy metals from the body (Glutathione is the body’s Master Anti-Oxidant). The Glutathione patch is also one of the most powerful products we know today to safely raise Glutathione levels without drugs, chemicals, or any other substance going into the body and all this with NO harmful side effects!

We hope you have the time to read through all these notes. The patches are low in cost and often, even for a serious condition may only need 2 or 3 patches each week and often not even every week. Sometimes the patches can be used more regularly for some days initially but the patches also provide a residual effect as they allow the body to heal itself in an accelerated manner and often 80% faster than traditional methods.

Most users of the patches for improving health and wellbeing and avoiding many serious health issues only spend around $7 or less weekly and not always every week on these patches. Not a bad investment to have a healthy ongoing future? We are happy to answer any questions and provide ongoing support worldwide and free of charge toward obtaining the best result possible with these patches.

If you have any questions about how to use the patches, what patches you may need or need assistance on obtaining the patches then please ask? We will be happy to assist.

While we do promote the use of the patches and even assist with purchase our main aim is the passing on of the knowledge to help people understand what the patches can do and make their own decision if they are perhaps for them? In the situation above, we assisted the lady to purchase through the person introducing the patches, not us and do this where we can when the product is introduced by someone else.

Rob and Barbara

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