Emotional Healing with Grace

This includes meditation practices as well as music, song, dance, poetry and laughter as medicine.

Emotional Healing with Grace

Postby lorrainecohen » Sat Nov 21, 2015 3:46 pm

I believe that the genesis to all illness has an emotional component that can easily be ignored when dealing with a cancer or any health diagnosis.

Focusing on the physical symptoms only handles part of the condition to restore health. Taking a mind-body-spirit approach is essential to living a joyful, prosperous and vital life. Harboring unforgiveness, resentments, guilt, blame, regrets, anger, shame, rage, fear, feeling unworthy...festers inside the body like a cancer affecting all areas of you life including your health!

Below is an emotional release process I share with my clients in my coaching/healing practice to assist in letting go of old emotions and beliefs.

letting go.jpg
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Think of this as releasing what is no longer serving you rather than "getting rid" of something unwanted because everything we experience helps us to become who we are.

It's called, "Dump Truck of Rubbish into the Desert"
dump truck.jpg
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Here's what you do:

Take some nice deep relaxing breaths to settle yourself in a quiet space.

Imagine yourself standing next to a big empty dump truck.

All around you on the ground and/or attached to you are representations of the particular thing you are letting go of such as fears about your health.

These beliefs may appear as bags you are holding and as large rocks on the ground. With intention to let go as much as you can, dump all of that old “stuff” into the back of the dump truck.

Drive that truck into the center of the desert; back it up to the side of the road and raise the back of the dump truck, so all of that old rubbish comes tumbling out onto the ground with a big clatter.

Set six sticks of dynamite with very long fuses into the pile of all of the old energetic rubbish. Bless the bags for the ways they have contributed to your growth (which they have!). Light the dynamite and then drive at least a mile away.

Get out of the truck just in time to see and hear the pile of all of that old rubbish in the distance explode up into the sky in a massive fireball. All of that old stuff just blasted to smithereens.

Wait and watch until the cloud of dark smoke dissipates and that whole area where you dumped the stuff is now glistening clear and open.

Of course you can get creative and add to the above technique, but that is the nuts and bolts of it.

I recommend you tackle one issue at a time using this technique, rather than trying to do everything you want to let go of in your life in one hit! Usually once is enough, but if you don’t feel you experienced a definite energetic release (feeling like something lifted and you feel lighter) at the point of the explosion, then by all means try this technique again for the same issue.

* You can use it for any issue at all.

Have fun with this and share any experiences you have. I would love to hear!

Need some help to do the emotional healing work? Contact me for assistance. That's one of my areas of expertise!

In One Love,
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