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Finding Inspiration

PostPosted: Sat Apr 16, 2016 2:48 pm
by ndducharme
Happy to have my 11-year old daughter Lindsay back home after a week away at camp.

Lindsay's teacher sent us a message about Larry, the camp director, who told the kids a story Monday night about a reporter who was traveling through the Colorado plains as a big storm was barreling down from the mountains.
He noticed that the cows in the fields were moving away from the storm. They were running in vain. The winds and the rain would eventually catch up with them no matter how fast they were fleeing.
Then he noticed that all the buffalo were headed straight into the storm. They walked into a difficult situation because they somehow knew that they would come out of it sooner than they would if they had tried to run away from it.
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Running away from adversity doesn't solve the problem. It only makes the problem last longer.

Larry asked all the kids to be like the buffalo. They all faced challenges and fears this week, but they all came out of it better and stronger than before.
Proud of all of them. JE writes: And that's a story for we cansurvivors too- we need to face the storm, know it won't last for ever, and move through it rather than running away and asking someone else to 'heal me'...