Green Juice & Chemo

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Green Juice & Chemo

Postby Mariza » Fri May 23, 2014 12:09 am

My body was very little affected while I was on my allopathic breast cancer treatment three years ago. As anyone who has been affected by the disease will know, the apetite fluctuates, the senses are altered, and the pleasure of eating can fall away.

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I started drinking this healthy breakfast juice just a month after the beginning of chemotherapy. I have atributed to the green juice the good results of my blood tests since then. Furthemore, I must say that not one time did I ever get sick or suffer bowel problems during my six months of chemotherapy and 33 days of radiotherapy.

It is a pleasure to recommend it to people undergoing cancer treatment, or in the difficult days of recovery. The green juice not only nourishes physically and helps detoxing, but also helps to lift the spirits.I feel it is a good option for everybody- not just those who are unwell.



Preparation Time: 10 mins


3 leaves of organic kale with stalks
2 organic red apples with skin
1 small organic cucumber with skin
1 piece of ginger root
1 small yam or beetroot
3 springs fresh mint
1 organic carrot


Process all the ingredients through a juicer and serve straight away.

By Mariza
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Re: Green Juice & Chemo

Postby Mariza » Wed Dec 21, 2016 7:44 pm

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Natural Remedies for Nausea

#1. Ginger is one very effective food to ingest when nausea is an issue. Local ginger is stronger than Chinese ginger, so whenever possible seek out locally grown ginger. Ginger can be eaten in small amounts (raw) when nausea hits. Or you can have a tea with ginger and lemon that is sipped slowly. This will relieve the nausea.

#2. Lemon is another anti-nausea food that can be consumed in warm water to alleviate the symptoms. Lemon juice is also helpful to aide digestion when you feel bloated, which can add to feelings of gastric discomfort. You can inhale the scent of lemon by scratching the peel, grating it, or diffusing lemon essential oil. This will increase the relief from nausea.

If you freeze lemon slices or wedges and then eat these slowly when nausea hits this will also relieve symptoms. Frozen fruit popsicles are also very effective against nausea.

#3. Chili peppers – This may sound counter-intuitive since many people can’t ingest spicy foods because of their negative side effects. But chili peppers contain capsaicin which is especially effective against nausea. Dr. Luis F. Pineda, an oncologist from Birmingham, Alabama, discovered that chili peppers are an exception to the rule.

Dr. Pineda took a special interest in the nutrition side of cancer therapy. He realized that the oncology profession emphasizes good nutrition but never addresses the specific issues of eating after cancer treatment. So he made it his mission to create cuisine that would meet nutritional needs and overcome the issues of lack of taste that occurs when patients undergo chemo and radiation. Thus, Dr. Pineda became a chef at the Culinary Institute of Virginia and adapted the recipes to meet his patients’ specific needs.

How do chili peppers control nausea? There is an area in the brain called the emetic (vomiting) region that is stimulated by neurotransmitters or hormones. Capsaicin causes the release of special neurotransmitters that send a message to the brain to block the nausea and restore proper appetite. This extraordinary characteristic of cayenne peppers (and other varieties) has made it an anti-cancer food all-star.
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