Pura Vida raw gluten-free breads

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Pura Vida raw gluten-free breads

Postby Pura Vida » Tue Sep 30, 2014 2:11 pm

Hello, everyone!

My name is Agra and I represent a small company called 'Pura Vida' which produces raw gluten-free vegan flat-breads, and I was kindly invited to this forum by one of the page managers - Judith, who thought that our product could be of interest for many users of this page. Thank you for that!

The breads come in four flavors - broccoli, onion, banana and chia/cabbage. In the production of our breads we use raw sprouted buckwheat, raw vegetables or fruit (depending on the bread type - chia bread has cabbage and chia seeds in it, broccoli bread has broccoli, pumpkin and courgette, onion bread has onion, but banana bread - bananas), ground flax seed, cold-pressed extra virgin Olive oil and Caltic sea salt.

All bread is hand-made and dehydrated over the course of 24 hours in temperature no higher than 40C. The bread is highly nutritious and balanced, and rich in protein.

It differs from most raw crackers, for it contains the soaked, sprouted buckwheat rather than oily seeds and nuts as the staple. Buckwheat is a seed (rather than a grain), which has grain-like qualities, but is also naturally free of gluten, high in protein and low in fat. The breads are suitable for any lifestyle and diet (not necessarily vegan or raw), and are especially beneficial to people who are physically active or are recovering from illness.

As Judith kindly suggested I am posting a link to our webshop where the breads can be purchased (though they can also be found in various shops in Britain (mostly in London) and several other countries - Germany, Norway, Finland; should you want to find out if there is a shop selling Pura Vida bread near where you are located - feel free to write to me and I'll do my best to find it out for you!) - http://puravidafoods.com/product-category/bread/

Please write to me in case you have any more questions about the bread, ingredients or nutritional properties - I'll be happy to answer! (I guess there must be a well-functioning comments, questions and answers section here, but I'm still new! :), so I'll provide my e-mail address too just in case - it's hi@puravidafood.co.uk)

I would also gladly post some of the more popular recipes or, rather, topping/filling ideas, which we try to come up with ourselves and are receiving from our Facebook friends too - often in the form of lovely photos. Here's the link to our Facebook page if you want to have a look at some 'tasty' photos featuring 'Pura Vida' breads, and, of course, you're welcome to join the page and post your own thoughts too - https://www.facebook.com/PVFood?fref=ts

Thanks a lot, all of you!
Pura Vida

Pura Vida
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