Sauerkraut-cabbage, salt and time....

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Sauerkraut-cabbage, salt and time....

Postby stellamillburn » Thu Nov 27, 2014 1:29 pm

Cabbage, salt and time....

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Cut up your cabbage super fine (a mandolin does the trick well) discarding the older outer leaves). Sprinkle with Himalayan salt (one of the most alkaline items on the planet) in layers, press down and leave—for just a week if you’re impatient but for much longer to get the true wonderful flavours and benefits of this super-food...

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Sauerkraut or sour cabbage is a food rich in anti-cancer properties...While European peasants preserved their cabbage with salt in an effort to keep hunger away during the dark months, this method also fulfilled another need: that of optimal nourishment. The process of lactic acid fermentation used to transform salt and cabbage into sauerkraut increases vitamins, particularly vitamin C and B vitamins, and food enzymes. Homemade sauerkraut is also extraordinarily rich in beneficial bacteria – friendly microorganisms which help to colonize the gut, train the immune system and manufacture vitamins in the digestive tract. In winter, when colds and flus make their rounds, homemade fermented foods which provide plenty of vitamins, food enzymes and beneficial bacteria are the way to go!

And here you can read a piece about the all-round benefits of fermentation..

Raw sauerkraut is as we say above a tasty addition to your anti-cancer diet. Multiple studies have shown that eating raw sauerkraut can be an effective part of a natural treatment program for certain cancers, including breast cancer.

Here is another recipe:

Raw Sauerkraut Ingredients*:

1 or more heads of green cabbage
Daikon radish
Celery (optional)
Apple (optional)
Pink Himalayan salt, ground

*all ingredients should be organic

Equipment Required:

Food processor or cutting board & knife
Large bowl
Mason or canning jars, sterilized
Perfect Pickler jar top fermenter system (optional)


Remove outer leaves from cabbage and remove the core. Wash, scrub, or peel other vegetables as usual.

Cut vegetables into large chunks that will fit into a food processor. If you do not have a food processor, you can cut all the vegetables into small pieces with a knife.

Empty cut up vegetables into a large bowl, preferably glass.

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Add ground pink Himalayan salt to the vegetable mixture. Use 1.5-2 percent salt by weight of vegetables used. (eg. For 100 grams of cabbage, use approximately 2 grams of salt.)

Using your hands, work the salt into the cabbage mixture for a couple of minutes until the vegetables are releasing lots of juices.
Squeeze and smoosh the vegetables with your hands ensuring that the salt is well distributed.

Pack the vegetable mixture into the sterilized glass jars, ensuring the mixture is pushed down and the juices are rising to the top. When done adding vegetables there should be lots of juice at the top of the jar. Be sure too to leave space in the jar for the juices to expand and bubble up.

Cover filled jars with sterilized lids and tighten.

Place jars in a bowl on the kitchen counter for 5 days. (The bowl catches any juices that may escape from the jar during the fermentation process.)

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Once the sauerkraut has fermented, store jars in the fridge.
Enjoy daily!
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