Lymphatic drainage--keep your system clean...

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Lymphatic drainage--keep your system clean...

Postby Judith » Thu Jun 19, 2014 6:43 pm

I’ve been meaning to write about lymphatic drainage on the site for a long time but just got round to this now—

Cleavers herbal tea or tincture is excellent for this & here’s some info below:
cleavers herb.jpg
cleavers herb.jpg (12.29 KiB) Viewed 1894 times

: Lymphatic Support to Reduce Swelling

Cleavers is widely used by Western herbalists to treat oedema and other forms of swelling due to its stimulating effect on the lymphatic system, which is responsible for clearing extracellular waste from the body. According to Sharol Tilgner, a naturopathic doctor, cleavers exerts a beneficial action on swollen glands and cysts, although there have been no scientific studies conducted to verify this usage. Master herbalist Susan Weed recommends cleavers tincture as a treatment for post-menstrual syndrome symptoms like sore breasts and water retention, highlighting its potential benefit for edema and lymphatic stagnancy. (Which we cansurvivors need to avoid—so bring it on...)

I also have Epsom Salts baths two or three times a week (they eliminate toxins from the body) see : ... efits.asp-

soaking in the bath.jpg
soaking in the bath.jpg (10.85 KiB) Viewed 1894 times

Just run a not-too-hot bath, put the salts in, and soak for 20 mins (sometimes I fall asleep)-bliss and so good for you. Here are some more suggestions about what you can put in the bath... ... aign=bath# We cansurvivors need to make sure our systems are adequately drained and this is particularly so if you’ve had a mastectomy and have lymphodoema…as I have. BUT this is so well managed by ACUPUNCTURE (see below again) as well as the simple lymphatic drainage exercises they gave me at the hospital that I do in bed alongside meditation and zapping before I get up in the morning. It's a vivifying start to the day.

Here’s a video about lymphatic drainage too:

lymphatic system.gif
lymphatic system.gif (13.88 KiB) Viewed 1894 times

I stayed off having acupuncture in my arms for 18 months following the hospital’s advice -then as I got braver (and my acupuncturist had been suggesting it all along) I said go for it but not in the upper quadrant (hospital speak that)—since I have had the acupuncture treatment on the arm it feels so much more comfortable and I am hardly aware of it at all now. So give it a go.

[u]Just take these practices on one at a time-then you can gradually build them in to the things you do-may be different things now, but we’ve all got rituals whether or not we are cansurvivors…

is also good for those who have lymphoedema, and generally too, and it is also rather refreshing to do - maybe first thing in the morning?

skin brushing.jpg
skin brushing.jpg (14.53 KiB) Viewed 1616 times ... shing.aspx

AND training yourself to sleep on your left side helps this too!

left side sleeping.jpg
left side sleeping.jpg (12.54 KiB) Viewed 1434 times
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