Chemotherapy causes cancer….yet again

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Chemotherapy causes cancer….yet again

Postby Teleny » Sun Dec 10, 2017 1:00 pm

On November 30th, researchers from Harvard Medical School published a paper revealing another mechanism by which chemo can spread cancer. They found that when cytotoxic drugs attack tumours, they leave behind the “debris” of dead and dying cancer cells – like bodies on a battlefield. Harvard’s extraordinary discovery is that these moribund cells can rise up from the dead and become even more carcinogenic than before. “Chemotherapy designed to kill tumor cells may be a double-edged sword
cancer therapy a double edged sword.jpg
cancer therapy a double edged sword.jpg (15.89 KiB) Viewed 1099 times
that directly contributes to tumor progression and relapse because tumor cell debris stimulates the survival and growth of living tumor cells,” says Dr. Dipak Panigrahy, one of the 21-strong research team.

Wounded and dead cancer cells have been found to create so-called “pro-inflammatory cytokines” which paradoxically are some of the very “signalling molecules known to promote tumor growth”. And it’s not just chemo that causes this, radiation therapy can too.

The response to yet another bombshell finding has been predictable. Rather than questioning the value of conventional cancer therapies, the hunt is on to find ways of clearing the cancer cell debris….using, you’ve guessed it, yet more drugs.

Ref: Sulciner M et al.2018. Resolvins suppress tumor growth and enhance cancer therapy J. Exp. Med.
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